Review: Tempurpedic Brand Mattress by Lawrence E. Kepecs

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In February of 2000, I purchased a Tempurpedic brand memory foam mattress, which started out as a firm, very comfortable bed. At the time, I seem to remember it coming with a “lifetime warranty.” It is now 13 years later, and the queen mattress now has lost its firmness, sagging in the areas that we use most. This review reflects my attempt to rectify a problem with the mattress through its warranty.

PIC_0009Normally, companies go out of their way to make the customer happy, so they can recommend the company’s product to others. Not so, here.  First, Tempurpedic has told me that it actually never had a lifetime warranty on its mattresses, and that the warranty covers only 20 years (you’ll see this is not entirely accurate.) Upon pursuing this further, Tempurpedic requested pictures of the damaged mattress with a straight edge across the top, showing where the sagging is happening. Next, they asked me to take a special trip to a store that offers their mattresses, and test out the showroom. I found a mattress that best felt like the one I had purchased, when it was new. Tempurpedic said this model would be considered an “upgrade” and wanted to charge me for the difference in price. So I opted to explore the model they recommended which would supposedly not cost me anything more.

Since I was after the 10 year mark on their warranty, I would have to pay a “pro-rated fee” of $830 + tax, AND give back the old mattress. So in actuality, to honor this “Tempurpedic 20 year Warranty,” I would have paid the original $1374.03 price tag PLUS over $1000 now, to make a total of $2374, if I wanted to swap out the old mattress for a new one of the same quality (with no upgrade.)  If you were within the 10-year time frame, they probably would honor the warranty, but anything over 10 years, will give you this problem.  So in actuality, the real warranty spans only 10 years, not 20 as advertised.  Problems will tend to develop after the 10 year mark, as in my case.

To me, this Tempurpedic Warranty does not sound like a true warranty at all, so I am opting to purchase a brand new King size memory foam mattress from one of Tempurpedic’s competitors, a firm Dormia 8″ for $394.99, or you can choose another brand, Isotonic Theragel 8″ for $449.99, or others- there are lots to choose from. In years past, I had bought a Dormia twin,  which was equally as inexpensive, and is still in great shape many years later. Overall, I do not recommend going with Tempupedic brand mattresses, as their product is not superior, just way overpriced, and apparently, their customer service stinks as well. I give this Tempurpedic brand product a one star rating because it’s way overpriced by a whopping $1,000- $2,000, does not last, and has a customer service that has a lot to be desired.

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