Review: Hansgrohe Shower Products by Lawrence E. Kepecs

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Rating: Five Stars *****

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have a Hansgrohe hand-held shower that I absolutely love, which, over 6 years, became clogged with water deposits, and its holding arm broke. The Hansgrohe products have a lifetime warranty on them. I wrote to the company explaining the problems, and they asked for photographs, which I sent to them. Most of the time, if you rub the face of the Hansgrohe shower roughly with your fingers, it will release the deposits. In my case it was more severe.

Hansgrohe bent over backwards to please me. Though they were not able to replace my shower wand with one of the same brass color, due to discontinuation of that color, they did send me a brand new wand of the same type in a chrome color, free of charge. I suggest Hansgrohe re-instates this brass color option, as it really is aesthetically beautiful.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe shower itself is a wonderful rain-type, large round disc, with 4 rows and 3 spinners, that can be adjusted to a massaging therapeutic stream, if one wishes. If you are in the market for a shower, I highly recommend Hansgrohe products. I gladly rate this 5 stars.

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