New Years Resolutions by Lawrence E. Kepecs

Your World is in Your HandsA favorite family tradition takes place each New Year’s Eve. We take out a piece of paper that we’ve been saving for a year – our list of last year’s resolutions. We read it, grade our performance over the past year, and then make new resolutions for the next year.

So what are some of our resolutions for next year? With our individual family economies under attack at home and abroad, what will we do?

RESOLVED: Since we create our own destiny, we shall continue to work to fix our own financial stability, and the stability of our respective communities, in spite of the “American Fiscal Cliff Debacle” and National Debt.  Our goals are to swiftly solve the financial woes of our families and communities, one at a time.  Resistance to new ideas is programmed into the American psyche and therefore unavoidable.  If there is an expiration date on a particular product, then we are programmed to believe that it must be true and expire tomorrow, even though that product may have been in the ground for millions of years, or may have been frozen solid in our freezers in a completely sealed container.  Know that authority and the media tell you what they want you to believe, and not what is necessarily true.  I’ve proven that with my articles on my various discoveries – curing warts, Basal Cell Carcinomas, Fungus, lowering cholesterol naturally, curing certain problems by fixing the air in your home, curing armpit odor, as well as some new discoveries I’m currently working on.  We shall not rest until we accomplish our goals.

RESOLVED: We shall continue to speak truth into the marketplace of ideas.  Over our entire lives, we’ve been fed the concept of “impossible” with regard to systems of beliefs and ideas from leadership that are often simply not true.  It is our duty to test these so-called “impossible” beliefs by trying new approaches, like Thomas Edison did with his inventions.  Impossible is only a word.  My money-making system is possible if one really wants it.

The Bible admonishes people not to “grow weary of doing good,” but we know that our strength to accomplish our missions comes from God. Thus, our final resolution is perhaps our most important: We resolve to depend on God through the many challenges that lie ahead and to give glory to God alone for any successes that He is gracious enough to grant. But keep in mind that God only helps those who help themselves, so if we do nothing to actively change our situations, then nothing will happen.  To effect a real change in ourselves and our futures, we need to read the proper books, listen to the proper CDs, and associate with positive minded people, who will influence you to move ahead and grow.

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