Don’t Fall Off The Fiscal Cliff!! by Lawrence E. Kepecs

Get out from behind the eight-ballThe world we live in is a forever changing place.  When I grew up, salaries were different, jobs were different and more abundant, and there seemed to be a different attitude when it came to the business world.  Nowadays, there are many more stresses placed on our fragile human psyche.  Besides worrying about an income source, we must worry about our safety in and out of the home, the safety of our children, and the world that they are inheriting from us.  We cannot help but see on the news all kinds of negativity which affect us whether we know it or not.  I have found myself meditating more and more these days, to relieve these external stressors which are being spoon fed to us daily.  At home, there may be tensions, at work, there certainly are tensions from colleagues and superiors, and people are feeling more and more like they can never get ahead.  So they are devoting more hours to work, giving themselves less and less time to relax.  It is not unheard of these days to have 2, 3, or 4 jobs to make ends meet.  It is extremely draining being behind the eight ball, which leads to unhappiness, frustrations, and occasionally violence in our society.  If one can only get in front of the eight ball, in front of trends, in front of our bills, this can alleviate many of those stressors, which weigh heavily on us.

Many of us are working for others in a retail business environment.  Others work for themselves, but all in all, if the person does not go into work one day, they often do not get paid.  Do you find this to be the case with you?  I know from being a teacher, that the students do not have classes in the Summertime, or Winter Break, so I simply do not get paid.  If I miss a day, I do not get paid.  I only get paid on the work that I do during the set hours that I work.  In the schools that I teach, I have to work more hours to get paid more money.

What if I am a Real Estate Broker.  I spend lots of time training my agents to sell homes.  I teach them my secrets.  The more productive they are, the more money I make.  I am leveraging their work to get money for myself.  The more agents I have, the more money I make.  But what if my agent decides to become a Broker?  After all, he has learned everything he will learn from me, so I have just lost my source of income to someone who knows my secrets, who has just become my competitor.  He has broken off from me, and I no longer get an income from his agents.  Worse than this, he is now training other agents of his own using MY techniques that I taught him.  He is turning out lots of competitors to me!  Does this make any business sense whatsoever for me?  I worked very hard to build my business, but did I work smart?  What if we were to change the structure a little.  What if my agent wanted to become a Broker himself, and I empowered him to do so, in a way that still benefits me from his work and his agent’s work.  Wouldn’t this be a smarter structure than the traditional one I illustrated?  I’ve essentially turned a “Retail Model” of one store front (my Brokerage firm) into, not a stupid “Pyramid Scheme,” but a “Corporate Model,” that is many brokerages, all interconnected financially.  As the business grows, I and my agents make more and more money.  Since there are more agents, more hours are being put into work, so there is more productive work being done since each agent is in business for himself, but not by himself.

This same problem scenario happens across most industries.  I studied to be a Rev. Cantor with some very talented and famous Cantors.  They turned out students who ultimately became competitors.  What if my teachers had helped us beyond the classroom, promoting our work, helping us set up concerts and performances with him, and being linked to us financially.  Then, I had Cantorial  students of my own who also perform.  If we were all linked together, my teacher would have benefited financially from work I had done, and my students had done that he didn’t have to work for himself.  It is such a simple concept, but it is so often thrown out the window and replaced with the traditional model that makes no business sense whatsoever.  Competition is essential in a free society, but for my personal business, let’s face it, competition stinks.

My friends, this is the name of the game, this is true residual income that keeps building over and over again.  If I can’t go to work for whatever reason, I STILL GET PAID.  It is considered by the experts to be the “perfect” and “most ethical” business model that there is, where business partners do not seek to undermine and harm one another’s business to get ahead of them, but rather help one another’s business grow in whatever ways they can.  It is a business model where 70 generations down, they are still using your successful techniques that you taught them, and yes, you are still getting paid for it.  Now that you can understand the concept of this Corporate Structure, you can actually add this business to your daily life by using it as a side business or as a full-time business.  It is not a “get rich quick scheme,” but rather a get rich slow model.  To learn more about my business and how it works, click where you will find videos explaining how the business works.  Please feel free to contact me when you are ready for training or for further questions.

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