Alkalize Your Body & Drinking Water Naturally by Lawrence E. Kepecs

"Creation Day 2" Original Artwork Oil on Canvas made by Lawrence E. KepecsOver the years I have read about the benefits of alkalizing one’s body.  This is the process of turning one’s body from acidic (PH<7.0), to basic (PH>7.0).  While acidic bodies have a tendency to develop disease, cancers, etc, as well as contribute to the aging process, alkaline bodies tend to oxidize free radicals in the body thereby fighting off diseases and rejuvenating one’s body.  One way of becoming alkaline is by drinking water that is alkaline in nature.

My neighborhood is supplied with drinking water that doesn’t taste good at all, and upon reading the annual water evaluation, one could see it contains much “stuff” in it, which can’t be too good for you.  I decided to install a Culligan water softener filtration system, and a reverse osmosis system under the kitchen sink.  This has made the water taste so good, whether one uses the tap or the reverse osmosis!  However, it also removes all the minerals, turning the reverse osmosis into acidic drinking water with a PH of 6.8, according to our pool chemical test kit.  This is also not healthful since we should be drinking alkaline water to balance out the other acidic foods we eat and drink, such as soda and coffee.

There are expensive machines on the market costing up to $4,000 which produce negative ions in your drinking water, unnaturally raising your water’s PH level.  I even learned how to easily and effectively make them yourself by running a DC electrical current through two water containers, but this does not occur in nature, and one still has the problem of no minerals in the water.  Water ionizers split apart water molecules with electricity to artificially create alkaline water. Why is this artificial? All water found in nature has a pH that corresponds to the minerals in the water. When you drink alkaline water, your body assumes it is receiving alkaline minerals, like calcium and magnesium. The problem with ionized water is that your body thinks it is receiving more alkaline minerals than what are actually present in the water.  My solution to the problem is extremely cheap, and effective.

I own a water cooler with a five gallon tank.  When I finish the tank, I hook up a clear plastic hose to the reverse osmosis faucet and fill the 5 gallon tank up with its 6.8 PH water.  Then I simply add to the 5 gallon tank just 3 teaspoons of Baking Soda which we use in food preparation anyway, and 2 teaspoons of Magnesium Sulfate (aka Epsom Salt), which can also be used in concentrated form as a laxative.  These two ingredients with such minimal measurements, inexpensively raise the PH level of your drinking water to approximately 8.2 which is perfect, they add ingest-able minerals back to the water with the Epsom Salt, and does not alter the water’s taste much.  You cannot get any cheaper than that.  If you need to raise the PH level higher than 8.2, you can also put together your own effective ionic system for under $25.

**Disclaimer: These were products that I tried on myself, which worked well for me.  It may not work for everyone.

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