College Students: Debt Relief & A Marketing Interview with Industry Giant

For all those college business majors out there. Surely, you have learned about this type of marketing strategy. This is an interview with the founder of the company I am with, given in 2007. Our new pay schedule is much better. Please note on page 8 where it talks about how to analyze a Network Marketing company. With this company, more money is always being paid out than what they get from the signups, signifying that their revenue comes from other outside sources- namely advertising revenue from many companies. If you are a college student, you already have an advantage in that you have an entire network of friends who are open minded, and will try new things with you. We just had a 22 yr. old who won her new BMW car last week as an ESM, after being with the company just a short while. As a representative of our company, you can market your personal referral link in all the student lounges, cafeterias, dorms, and library. As you build your team, I am there helping you succeed, because my vested interest is in your success. This will help you get out of debt over time, and you will be building a nice future for yourself, your family, your friends, and anyone else you can help along the way. Famous author and business analyst, Robert Kyosaki said this type of business is the “perfect business model.”

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2 Responses to College Students: Debt Relief & A Marketing Interview with Industry Giant

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