Multi Level Marketing: Life The Way You Want to Live it !!

Multi Level Marketing & Financial Freedom You may have heard the term, Multi Level Marketing. What does it offer you?

Is Multi Level Marketing really worth while? Is it worth the time spent in building one’s team? Will it really help you in the long run?

You are born, you live your short life, and you die. You come into this world with nothing, you trade your time for little amounts of money in order to get by, and you leave this world with nothing except your good name and your accomplishments in life. Most of our lives are spent in search of money, so that we can eventually live the lives we desire to live while we are still here. We spend all day, every day working our jobs, slowly using our time up on this earth. What if it did not have to be this way. What if you were to find a different way- thinking outside of the box. What if that way is staring at you in the face right now, only you don’t see it yet, just as air is present, only we cannot see it. What if you were able to reduce your debt, pay off your tuition, or have money for school rather quickly. What if you utilized Network Marketing techniques to build residual income. This way, through Attraction Marketing we are bringing people to us, who are like-minded, or interested in what we have to offer them.

I too, have my own dreams and aspirations as well. Having to search for money constantly is truly a distraction from the things that really count in this world. Not having to worry about money would solve many problems letting me accomplish the things that I need to get done, while I’m still here. A great way of doing this is by creating a residual income through Multi Level Marketing programs over a relatively short time, and then not having to worry about money any time soon thereafter. A passive income would supplement an active one, creating multiple streams of income. I could still continue to work little bits. I could still do my teaching, my performing, my professions, but overall, it would allow for freedom to do the things I want to do or need to get done.

What are your dreams? If you did not have to worry about money any more, what would you do? Where would you go? Who would you help? Would you give some away to your favorite charity? Would you pay off your home? Would you buy the things that you’ve been putting off for years…when the economy is better? What are the real things in life that are most important to you to accomplish before time runs out. Multi Level Marketing can help if it is done properly and together with Attraction Marketing. If you establish the correct teamwork that is required, one would never be left in a sea, floating all by oneself, but rather there would be constant help from above, guiding the newer people along, and helping them achieve their goals. I sometimes even find myself using my affiliate’s links instead of my own to help them acquire new reps if they need it. If they are successful, then I am successful. 

In this industry, one does not think “Retail model.”  Here, people think, “Corporate model.”  In retail, you are thinking about controlling every aspect of one store front.  In the Corporate model, one is focusing on creating multiple store fronts, to sell products.  This means in a traditional Multi Level model, one wants to bring in more distributors to sell more product, to generate more revenue.  I like to use the Walmart example.  They do not have one store, but thousands of stores throughout the United States.  In a traditional MLM, or Direct Selling model, one’s goal is to have thousands of store fronts, only they are not brick and mortar stores, they are distributors with cyber stores, that are way less expensive to set up, run, and manage. The challenge is, finding others who want to do the same as you, and who are as dedicated as you are.

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